• Volunteer opportunities

    Share with communities in various projects such as:
  1. Projects in reforestation and protection of water sources: Volunteers will be working in conjunction with the local people and engineers, planting flora in order to improve and preserve the ecosystem and water sources.
  2. Projects production of clean products: Learn about the cultivation of fruits, vegetables and other goods without the use of pesticides and herbicides.
  3. Projects in the breeding of guinea pigs: Learn and participate in the breeding of Ecuador’s most famous delicacy, guinea pig.
  4. Projects in livestock and lactates: Learn about various livestock and production of milk and cheese.
  5. Forest fire prevention campaign in local schools: teach children about forest fire prevention and safety.

Projects in these small communities vary depending on the time of year. Volunteers will discover the importance of nature and its preservation in rural communities. They will better understand the reality of life outside of the city of Cuenca and the hardships the Ecuadorian people face working and living in the countryside. Volunteers are encouraged to share their knowledge and ideas.

*Requires 4 weeks minimum commitment


Work with women and children who have experienced violence

  1. Be a mentor for children with violent pasts: Participate in activities such as art and music classes.
  2. Teach English to children with violent pasts.
  3. Work in child therapy and psychology. Professionals who have experience in these fields can help support the healing process for both, women and children with violent pasts.
  4. 24 hours emergency hotline: All volunteers take turns working at the emergency hotline

*Requires 3 months minimum commitment

Volunteer teaching English to young Ecuadorians in the Spanish Institute of Cuenca:

Due to the lack of funding, those who attend public schools have a great disadvantage in learning English.

  1. Help with the devolvement of English skills for those who do not have access to good English programs in their schools.
  2. Learn to prepare classes that are interesting and engaging.

*Requires 3 weeks minimum commitment


Volunteer at shelters

Shelters in Cuenca provide free meals and accommodation to those in need such as elderly, disabled, and out of town families of lower economic resources who have family members in the hospital and cannot pay for accommodation. Training is also provided for these people so they can do their part at the Posada and give back to the community that supports them.

  1. Help in the dining room providing meals to those in need.
  2. Teach English to children.
  3. Develop an afterschool program for children in your field of interest (art, music, etc.)

*Requires 1-week minimum commitment in the dining room, 4 weeks minimum for classes

Volunteer  (Amazon Region)

Learning in the Cloud Forest of the Llanganates – Sangay National Park, helping to protect it. Volunteers can choose the theme, project and days. Sumak accommodation has capacity at least 6 volunteers and maximum 20 volunteers. $30 US dollars per day. It includes meal, accommodation and services.

*Requires 1-week minimum commitment in volunteering, 6 months minimum for researching activities.


Volunteer prices

Free for students taking 1 week or more of classes (10 hours of classes per week).

$20 US dollars registration fee for non-students