Private (one to one) and group lessons.

Classes $10 hour

Basic package (One week, individual): 20 classes hours + 2 touristic immersion in Cuenca + 1 travel to El Cajas + Salsa and yoga lessons. $300 US dollars.

Groups 20% discount (3 students / +)


We can arrangue home stay with local families, for all our students. This is a great way to practice Spanish outside the classroom, as well to integrate them into the community life. ($25 per day)


Coexistence with family
3 meals a day
Laundry service
Private room

Free snacks, coffee, tea & wifi

All our house and facilities are available: kitchen, dining room, lessons rooms, living room, reading room and terraces. These areas are free, even without Spanish lessons.

Additional costs outside class include: bus(25cents)/taxi($2), meals outside homestay, hostel/hotel/other accomodations, excursions(parks, ruins,etc), museum entrance fees.