The Spanish Institute of Cuenca is a branch of the Spanish Institute located in the breathtakingly beautiful city of Cuenca, Ecuador.

The Spanish Institute of Cuenca was created by a passionate group of teachers in conjunction with the Spanish Institute. These enthusiastic academics, with over ten years of experience, have worked alongside university students and neighboring communities in an effort to Cuenca, Ecuador Spanish program abroad

preserve the environment and raise ecological and social awareness. Our teachers use the learning and teaching of the Spanish language as a bridge between cultures in order to achieve goals within the community of Cuenca. Their work and passion benefit both local people and foreign students alike in establishing multicultural connections and lasting friendships.

Our intention at the Spanish Institute of Cuenca is to generate a friendly, participative atmosphere amongst the international students, the teachers, and the Cuenca community. We emphasize a family-style atmosphere rather than a formal, business-like atmosphere in our school. Our staff make an effort to include students in their daily lives and families, to help students feel welcome in Cuenca and become confident in learning a new language.

We Offer:

  • Private and Group Lessons ( max. 3 students)
  • Culture and History Lessons
  • Afternoon and Weekend Excursions
  • Homestay
  • Traditional Ecuatorian Coooking Classes


The City of Cuenca

Cuenca is nestled in an Andean valley in the southern highlands of Ecuador. The moderate weather and mostly sunny days, with an average temperature of 20º C/68 ºF, make Cuenca the perfect place to enjoy the beautiful outdoors, the town Baños, and the nearby Cajas National Park. The close national park is a place for hiking, fishing and bird watching, and los Baños, with their relaxing spas and pools, are enjoyed by locals and travelers on the weekends.

The city of Cuenca is like a time capsule, preserving both its pre-Columbian and Spanish heritage. Cañari ruins can be seen in downtown Cuenca amidst the bustle of urban life and beautiful churches are scattered throughout the city. The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, located in the center of the city, is adorned with intricate stone carvings and towers over the Park of Calderon, where you can relax on a park bench and people watch.


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